We believe in the potential of an interdisciplinary approach as an important tool to develop a society. Our team is still small but it aims to gradually expand to invite more people to join. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the team.

Meet The Team


Sustarum Thammabooosadee

Assistant Professor in International Relations, Thammasat University

Sustarum received his PhD in Political Science –International Relations. He is working at the College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Thammasat University. He is a lecturer and on the committee of Philosophy Politics and Economics B.A. Program. His research mainly focuses on the  ‘Precariat’, the emerging faction in a neoliberal society. He published a book in Thai named as ‘A Walk to the Stars: Thai Capitalism Under Neoliberalism and Its Unreachable Dream’ in 2016. The book’s main argument utilises the welfare-state model as a solution for a risk society in neoliberalism.

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Dr Rubkwan Thammaboosadee

Lecturer in Performing Arts,

Bangkok University 

Rubkwan is a lecturer and scriptwriter at the Department of Performing Arts, Bangkok University. Her Ph.D. thesis explores performance of happiness in the urban everyday life in Bangkok amid socio-economic uncertainties in neoliberal Thailand. Her research interests focus on performance studies, culture, and media in everyday life. Her creative works combine frameworks from across disciplines to demonstrate how individuals are turned to be commodities by neoliberal rationalities.


Dr Jesper Kulvmann
Conference Chair

Professor at Thammasat University 

Jesper Kulvmann is a citizen of Denmark. He has worked in the health sector for many years, within Europe, the African continent and Greenland. He had work experience within the health sector in Denmark, the UK, Botswana and Greenland. He worked with immigration issues in the UK, Denmark and Thailand.

He holds an MSc in public health from London School of Economics and he has studied social policy at the University of Oxford (PhD). His main academic interests are within welfare state studies and immigration.


Leakena Duong

Conference Chair


Leakena Duong is a Cambodian citizen. She graduated from Asian University for Women, Bangladesh in 2014 with a degree Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). Upon graduation, she has worked for many different development international and local organisations in Cambodia such as Transparency International Cambodia, Cambodian People’s Disability Organization, CARE Cambodia, and Reproductive Health Association in Cambodia. Currently, she is a Youth Technical Specialist at World Vision International Cambodia where she provides technical support to an operation team ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the program implementation. Leakena has a great interest in young people development because she believes that young people are the key agent of change, and they are the future of their country development.